Our Horses

Oceano – Lusitano Stallion

















Oceano is Kensington Ridge Farms owner’s personal Lusitano stallion.  He is the reason she fell in love with Spanish Horses.  We can thank him for KRF.   She purchased him as a 13 year old I1 Dressage school master from her mentor Ingred Lin.












Pertone is Kensington Ridge Farms owner’s personal Stallion.Purchased in Spain in 2016. He is the reason the business has become a reality. He is a 9 year old 16.2’ PRE dressage horse. His temperament is text book for the breed. Petrone is not for sale.










Furstin is Kensington Ridge Farms owner’s personal
Prix St. George Mare.  She is a 14 year old Westphalian Mare that
was imported from Germany on July 6, 2013.











Foxx is one of the farm’s baby sitters.  He keeps the stallions company along with the mares.   Foxx is a 16 year old American Shetland Pony.

And our little “NUGGET” Gavin.  He is our other baby sitter.  He is a mini
who is now  2 years old.  He is our all around entertainment.  
We just love our little nugget.  I recommend a little “NUGGET” for every farm. 

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