Specializing in Importing select PRE Dressage Horses with the aptitude & stamina to become willing & reliable dressage partners

Kensington Ridge PRE’s (Pura Raza Española), a division of Kensington Ridge Farms, specializes in importing hand selected PRE (aka Andalusian) mares from Spain to the United States.  At Kensington Ridge Farms we feel that PRE mares have been over looked for competitive riding.  The cornerstone of our business is to train, promote and sell PRE mares for dressage. We select mares that have the aptitude and stamina to become willing and reliable dressage partners. This includes identifying, the natural talent, confirmation, specific body type and temperament needed for dressage.

We are extremely fortunate to have assembled a highly experienced team of Veterinarians, Trainers/Riders and Breeders here the United States and Spain that assist with all aspects of the acquisition, development and sales process at Kensington Ridge Farms.

We are a small farm that keeps a limited number of PRE Dressage Horses in the United States.  We do so intentionally, so we have ample time to focus our energy on their developmental needs.  We do not rush any aspect of our process.  Our horse’s wellbeing is our first priority.  No mare will be sold unless we feel she is absolutely ready to go to her forever home.

Kensington Ridge Farms will occasionally import PRE Dressage Stallions and Geldings from time to time, however, it is usually by request only.  If you are interested in purchasing a Pure Spanish Dressage Horse like a stallion or gelding we do provide a concierge service for our clients.   You may be as specific or as open as you like with your request.  We will do everything we can to find your dream PRE Dressage Stallion or Gelding.  When using our PRE Import and Sales concierge service we will handle all aspects of the purchase process from pre-purchase exams, quarantine in Spain (proving stallion is a virgin)(does not apply to geldings) to air travel to the United States.  We will also handle coordinating the US import process and transportation to your farm.  Visit our Services page for more information.  Our goal is to match up riders with their dream Spanish Dressage Horse.  We will do our utmost to meet your needs.

As you can probably tell, our passion for horses is unparalleled.  This passion stems from nearly 30 years of working and living with horses.  Kensington Ridge Farms was born from this love.

PRE Dressage Horse

Special Thanks:

I am very fortunate to work with an exceptional group of gentlemen in Spain with a vast knowledge of Spanish horse history, bloodlines, confirmation and the Spanish Market.  Thank you so much to everyone involved. I could not do this with out you.  A very special thanks to Dr. Axel Beccar Varela of Paddock Equine and Dr. Leah Patipa Beccar Varela.  My Kensington Ridge Farms staff is by far exceptional, thank you for your hard work now and to come.  I don’t know what I did to deserve you but I am glad you’re here to take this journey with me. 



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