PRE (Pura Raza Española) Care

This page is focused on the care and wellbeing of your Andalusian / PRE and Lusitano.  The information on this page is complied from the following sources: Veterinarians, Internet, Publications, Trainers, Breeders and personal experience.  Always consult with your Veterinarian or equine professional before making changes to your horses care.  

Make sure you read the production information and dosing instructions on all products before administrating to your horses.  Yes I am pointing out the obvious however, I personally have made this mistake and ended up wasting money and the supplement on my horse.  I was supposed to give the supplement with every meal and I only gave supplement with AM feeding.  It happens to all of us.  

I highly recommend you research PRE care on the internet as well as reading KRF page.  You will find quite a bit of information out there and a lot of it will conflict with the other.  Keep in mind where you live had a baring on feeding your horse.  Different states have different types of grass.  Some grasses are better than others for Spanish Horses. (PRE, Andalusians & Lusitano)  It is just my opinion (check with a vet) you want a low sugar, low starch grass.  Especially low sugar.  ( I will continue to update page as I have time)


Kensington Ridge PRE’s is sponsoring a Vitamin E Study focused specifically on the PRE horse.  The study will also extend to Lusitanos, as well.  You can follow up to date progress on our facebook group

If you are interested in participating in the study please download the attached form, which consists of three pages and include copies of page 1 and 3 of your ANCCE breed papers for PRE’s.  Please include a full body profile photo and a head shot of your horse as well.  Have your veterinarian pull blood for a Vitamin E panel and send the blood to Cornell.  The blood must be taken and kept in the following manor: Pull blood in a plain red top tube.  Protect the tube from any light by wrapping the tube with aluminum foil and place it in a cold cooler.  Centrifuge as soon as possible to separate serum.  Transfer serum to a plastic tube and still continue to protect plastic tube from light.  Freeze and send to Cornell overnight on ice packs for Vitamin E levels.  Centrifuge within 2-4 hours of collection as long as sample has been protected from light and refrigerated or kept in a cold cooler.


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