Concierge Sales

Kensington Ridge Farms has a developed an impressive network of quality breeders and trainers in Spain that provide Kensington Ridge with exceptional PRE/Andalusians for our import/sales program and concierge services.  The process is much like that of our Import and Sales Service, the main difference is we are working directly for you, the client. 

Kensington Ridge Farms main focus is currently on promoting PRE / Andalusian Mare’s for competitive dressage where as our concierge service will focus on whatever the client would like stallion, geldings, yearling even broodmares.  However let me be clear KRF has a certain area of expertise which is selecting temperament, aptitude and movement for dressage.  We would have to rely on our partners in Spain for their expertise if you require anything other than horses for dressage. 

How the Concierge Sales Service works.

1.) You may be as specific or as vague as you like with your request.  However, the more upfront information you proved the better.  My only goal is to match you with your dream PRE / Andalusian Horse.

2.) I will contact my partners in Spain and we will begin the search.  Sometimes it can be quick and other times it may take a while to find a suitable PRE / Andalusian Horse.  You must be patient.  The right PRE / Andalusian Horse will be worth the wait. 

3.) I will begin to receive multiple videos.  Not all will be worth watching past the first few seconds.  I have specific requirements in what I much see in these videos.  Same will go for photographs.  Not only will I review them but several members of my team will review them, as well.

4.) Hopefully I will have a few PRE / Andalusian horses to present to you.  It is not typical that I will be able to present them all at once, I will present them as I receive them.  I would not want to lose out on a good horse because I am waiting to present multiple options all at the same time.  You may choose to wait but that will be up to you the client.     

5.) If you like one of the options I have presented to you I will pull blood for the piroplasmosis test. 

Equine piroplasmosis (EP) is a tick-borne disease that affects horses, donkeys, mules, and zebras. The disease is transmitted via tick bites or through mechanical transmission by improperly disinfected needles or surgical instruments. EP is currently not considered endemic in the United States; however, isolated outbreaks of the disease have occurred infrequently. Likewise, EP is not endemic to Australia, Canada, England, Iceland, Ireland, and Japan; however, the disease is found in Africa, the Caribbean (including Puerto Rico), Central and South America, the Middle East, and Eastern and Southern Europe. The increasingly international nature of the horse industry presents potential risks for EP’s introduction from foreign countries. Many areas of the United States have climates suitable for foreign ticks to act as vectors for disease or even for other ticks to act as vectors. Because EP is not considered endemic, most U.S. horses are highly susceptible to acute forms of the disease.

If the PRE / Andalusian Horse is negative we will begin the next phase of our purchase process.  Prior to pulling the blood for the piroplasmosis test I will have as much information on the horse’s temperament, barn habits and whatever history I can obtain.  I will also have one of my riders in Spain try the horse as well.  I will only have my rider try the horse once you have informed me of your interest. 

6.) The next step is the pre-purchase exam.  My standards are very high.  We do full flections in hand and under saddle.  We x-ray the entire horse.  Hooves, fetlocks, hocks, stifles, back, neck.   I also do drug testing, which is uncommon in Spain however I still preform the drug test.  We photograph any scratches, cuts or scars.  If my vet doesn’t like anything in the pre-purchase he stopes the vetting immediately.  This happens a lot more than you would think. 

If the PRE / Andalusian Horse does not vet we start the process over again.  We try to have a “back up” PRE / Andalusian horse and then we begin vetting him or her.  I would at this point in the process reassure you that this is the normal course of purchasing a horse.  This does happen and we keep going forward and when you get your PRE / Andalusian Horse you will see that it was all worth it. 

7.) When the PRE / Andalusian Horse passes the pre-purchase (flection, riding and x-rays) they only thing you will be waiting on is the drug test, that can take up to 2 weeks.  Once that comes back clean we will purchase your PRE / Andalusian Horse and arrange for him or her to go into quarantine.  From there things are very straight forward.  If you have purchased a gelding he will quarantine for anywhere from 1 to 3 (it depends on the air transport availability rather than heath testing reasons, like with a mare or stallion) weeks and then flight to Miami where he will stay for 2 -3 days and they he will be transported to your farm.  Quarantine for a Virgin PRE Stallion and a Virgin PRE Mare is the same, 4 weeks in Spain then they drive to Amsterdam and fly onto Miami.  Your horse will have a lot of time to rest on the days they are driving and amply time to rest before flying on to Miami.  They will stay in Miami for 2 – 3 days and they will be shipped to your farm.

If you would like further information about our concierge service please do not hesitate to contact Kensington Ridge Farms, we would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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